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Kara’s return is just around the corner, as they will comeback towards the 3rd week of this month. And with that, these 5 gorgeous girls have just released concept photos!

It looks like they are dropping the cute image and coming back with something dark and mysterious. But what are they looking for? Perhaps their album…

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Hello everyone~ I enjoyed 2009, the year of the girl groups but I always thought [I wonder if one of them will enter the Japanese market ~( ̄3 ̄)」The situation has finally changed!

Today there is a fanmeeting at the Akasaka blitz, but also today they announced the selling date of the MBC DVD Collection: KARA-Sweet Music Gallery (Japanese edition)!(≧ワ≦)

Goes on sale May 19, 2010,
Label: Universal Music


Popular girl group KARA flew to Japan for their first showcase, and yesterday, February 6, we had the chance to interview them at Tokyo’s New Otani Hotel.

With around 100 people attending the event, the KARA members greeted everyone in Japanese, expressing that “We are very nervous for our first showcase here in Japan.”

When asked what their charm is, leader Park Gyuri answered “A lot of people tell us that we’re warm and fresh and lively.. I guess we are like the girlfriend who lives in next door”


Celebrities who watched Big Bang’s Big Show 2010

Day 1 :

Gong Yoo, Park Shin Hye, Jinusean, Teddy, Lee Hyuk Soo (G-Dragon’s friend and actor from What’s Up), 2NE1 stylists (Yang Seung Ho, Lee Hyeon Jong), 2PM’s Junsu, Kara’s Goo Hara, Beast, Patty Kim, What’s Up Cast/Staff, Into the Gunfire Staff/Cast, Kim Seon Kyeong, Japanese celebrity Chinatsu Wakatsuki (the one who shaved her hair with “BB”)

lol hara.. -.-

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Legend of Kara in Japan

-In my history of blogging, this is the day where I’ve had the hardest time deciding what to write about.

I wrote this in an earlier post but, today I attended DJ Miyu’s event, “Kara’s Beforehand Night Festival.”

This is the first time I’ve attended an event with fellow fans, so to be honest I was half interested and half worried.

I entered the place at 8 PM. A KARA song was playing, and inside there were many people with drink in hand having fun.

I heard the press was covering the event as well, so I hid myself amongst the crowd and enjoyed myself.

I also met up with oolt and xcorp (fellow KARA bloggers).


In 2009 Kara became a popular “girl group” with the 2nd album [Revolution], gaining popularity with the “butt dance” in the song “Mister.” Kara’s cute maknae JiYoung, who is now a second year high school student, was nicknamed “Ong Al” and “Ooh Jjoo jjoo” due to her appearance. In a broadcasting, she seems to talk with a sucked-in mouth like a child asking for food, which led to her nickname “ooh jjoo jjoo.”

Meeting JiYoung in the latest company DSP media rehearsal, we asked her feelings of 2009, and she answered, “At the time of ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey,’ I was only known as the new member of Kara, but as people saw my performance in ‘Wanna’ and ‘Mister,’ my fans and popularity increased. Especially when people danced our “butt dance” throughout the televisions, our popularity grew.