The club chief believes extrinsic factors such as luck helped the team beat Roma…


Livorno president Aldo Spinelli has hailed the 1-0 win over Roma, and feels that luck played its part on the outcome.

The win allowed the Amaranto some hope of climbing out of the relegation zone. It was their first win of the new term, and Spinelli has expressed his satisfaction with the result.

“We played well but we were also very lucky. Roma were tired after having returned from their game in London [against Fulham in the Europa League],” Spinelli told GR Parlamento.

“I wouldn’t have even bet a penny on the result. I would have settled for ten draws instead.

“You need luck, especially against Roma. They were also without Francesco Totti.”

The Tuscan side are still in the relegation zone, but a win against Atalanta at home on Wednesday could see them move to safe ground.

Salvatore Landolina,

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