2AM’s youngest, Jinwoon, explained about the love-triangle with KARA’s Nicole and Hara.

On SBS ETV’s “Idol Maknae Rebellion” which first starts airing on November 7, Jinwoon took time to explain the rumors between him and the two KARA members.

This all started on SBS’s Strong Heart, where Nicole had shared a story where she said “I was supposed to eat out with a male celebrity, but instead he ditched me and ate with Hara instead, telling me that he was with his stylist Nuna.” Jinwoon expressed his frustration about the rumors going around that he is the male Nicole was referring to.

MC Yoo Saewoon asked him “Isn’t it true that you are who is being referred to in those rumors?” where Jinwoon firmly replied “Its not me.” He said “Its true that I am close with Nicole, but we’re not in that kind of a relationship. And she wasn’t referring to me in that story.”






thanks to mae@KARAholic
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic.