It was only recently when the rumor about girl group Kara in Guam was spread. After hearing about the rumor, I couldn’t believe it and had to check for myself and it was true!

The girls happened to be shopping at the Guam Premium Outlet and seemed to be having a quiet and relaxing time. I spotted member Han Seungyeon eating an impressively large pizza (which was larger than her cute and tiny face!) at the food court, also proves people wrong who think that Kara needs to starve themselves in order to lose weight!

After receiving an autograph from Seung Yeon, I happened to see the cute ass kicking member of the group, Goo Hara, at a store named Ross.

My jaw totally dropped as I squealed like a horny middle school fangirl. I was turned down for an autograph but couldn’t be even slightly mad because of the way she cutely said while pouting, “jwe song hap ni da” (the honorific of “I’m sorry”).

Who can get mad at such a cutie?!

Besides, what am I going to do about it? I’m scared to get my ass kicked like Kim Eun Jung! Although I’m sad that Kara is returning to Korea tonight, I’m grateful the girls payed a visit to the beautiful island of Guam and hope they stay healthy, do well on all future activities, and maybe even return some day!



credit: AllKpop


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