As popular group Kara’s Nicole’s casting on cable music channel Mnet’s ‘Kaist Season 3’ gathered some attention, the first week of broadcast was acted.

Nicole’s first airing of ‘Kaist season 3’ was planned to air on the 4th. However, the staff did not find good results in trying to find a college with good interview results for Nicole’s program, so the first broadcast will air on the 11th, and it will be acted. This was because no colleges have yet been decided upon, and they could not film for real.

On the 3rd, ‘Kaist Season 3’ staff said “On top of Nicole’s busy schedule, there were some difficulties for Nicole’s college interviews”, “Nicole’s college has not yet been decided upon, but we are awaiting good results”. In order to be a college student, Nicole has taken interviews from Seoul’s S College and K College, but could not find good results.

On the coming 11th, the staff plan to film with the task of trying to find Nicole college interviews. Nicole, like Seo InYoung and Mc Mong, plan writing her own study plan out and commence the program.

When ‘Kaist’ was aired this past 2008 and Spring of 2009, singer Seo InYoung and Mc Mong were the main characters of season 1 and season 2 and have gathered warm interest. They were even said to have opened up a new market called ‘school Reality’.

Meanwhile, Nicole recently concluded her popular corner on KBS 2tv ‘Star GoldenBell’ called ‘Level with me’, and with the fact that her korean was bad since she was from America, it have created lots of laughter and the program received some great ratings.




Source : Karaholic