On the next episode of Invincible Youth on 13th November, it was revealed that the G7 girls will be having a item exchange session among themselves.

In particular, Kara’s Goo Hara item was the center of attention after she displayed it during the recording. She brought out a jacket that Kim Hyun Joong wore while filming for Boys Before Flowers earlier in the year. She revealed, “This was what I got from Kim Hyun Joong when Kara visited the filming set the last time around. I am bringing it out here as my most treasured item.”

That was not all as Hara also took out the new Kara album that has yet to be released on the market. She revealed with care, “Because I was in a rush (for the filming), I didn’t tell my boss about it,” which led to laughters all around.

Meanwhile, the other girls also bought out their treasured items. SNSD’s Sunny bought out seven bottles of juice that were prepared by her mother while Yuri took sport sneakers that SNSD wore. Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls bought out many items that were needed for daily living like mats, health food, hat, etc.

Stay tuned on 12th November to see what the other girls bought.

Credit: AK


Source : Karaholic.com