On the 22nd of last month at ChungJu for the filming of the new MBC mini series <Hero>, actor Lee Junki had a chance to have a pink colored meeting with the popular girl group Kara.

On this day, the scene was that of an enthusiastic reporter named Jin DoHyuk(Lee Junki) going to cover a story during a concert, and Kara made a cameo appearance as a popular idol group. They sang ‘Mister’ in their own mini concert. During the shoot, there were not only Lee Junki and Kara’s fans, but regular townspeople also came to cheer for Lee Junki, Kara, and the Hero staff.

As Kara and Lee Junki met for the first time, Kara first greeted with “Nice to meet you, Oppa”, and he soon replied, “It makes me nervous seeing you personally”, as his face was red hot. As Kara asked ‘The member you like the most?’, he replied by saying “I don’t want to make antifans even before the broadcast. Honestly, you are all beautiful. I understand why Kara is so popular.” Also, during the filming, as Kara fans knew that Nicole was a fan of Lee Junki, they said “Give Nicole a hug!”, and that surprised both Nicole and Lee Junki. The PD said “Let’s start filming!”, and the hug between them did not happen.

Fans can see the “Concert within Hero” scene on November 18’s first broadcast of <Hero>.

Watch fan cam here, guess when everyone starts screaming lol:

tip off: Mae
source: tvian Karaholic.com
translated by: thebuddybud@karaholic