A few days ago, we reported that Kara’s Gyuri would be taking on the role of Eun-chan (who is parodied by the character Go Eung-chan in this special) from the popular 2007 drama 1st Shop of Coffee Prince for MBC’s Sunday Sunday Night’s “Parody Theater”: and the long-awaited clip is finally here! The parody makes references to other popular dramas, however, among them being Queen of Housewives, Shining Inheritance, Temptation of Wife, and of course, 1st Shop of Coffee Prince so the plot is a little wacky, to say the least.

The Coffee Prince parody segment begins with Min Tae-bong (played by Hong Kyung-min) in bed with a woman that his grandmother set him up with, and the woman is crying by his side about how her father is going to kill her if he finds out. He wakes up and assures her that nothing happened, calling her an amateur for not doing anything else except taking his jacket off and notes that she had some trouble removing his pants. She responds by asking, “How could you not be attracted by me? Are you into men or something?”, to which he carelessly responds, “Think what you will.” The woman, furious with him, storms off to the bathroom to freshen up and Tae-bong gets a phone call from his grandmother telling him that she set up more dates for him.

Go Eung-chan (played by Park Gyuri) then makes her entrance as a hotel employee, bringing in food as room service. The situation gets a little complicated and the woman walks in on Eun-chan touching Tae-bong’s face. Upon seeing this, she cries, “So you are into men! Why didn’t you tell me before? I wouldn’t have wasted my time like this…” before walking out. At this, Tae-bong gets an idea and decides to hire Eung-chan to take care of the dates that his grandmother set up for him – and by “take care,” he means to have Eung-chan pose as his gay lover to ruin the unwanted dates that his grandmother keeps on setting up for him.

Unfortunately, his grandmother finds out about this and she proposes an ultimatum – either he gets married to a woman of her choice, or he opens up and manages a coffee shop. Needless to say, he chooses the latter and sets up his own coffee shop, hiring Eung-chan along with 3 other handsome men in order to work as waiters and to “fulfill every ajumma’s flower-boy fantasy”… And so, the story begins.

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i love KARA, “jiyounglover”