In two years, they managed to film only 3 commercials.

Then came the ‘Butt Dance’.

Girl groups KARA has been steadily rising to the top with songs like <Pretty Girl>, <Honey> and <Wanna>, but <Mister> sealed the deal for the group.

Filming about 10 commercials in just one month, they are being called the ‘Silent Giants’ in the advertising industry. DSP Media had expressed that upon releasing their second mini-album last October, and then finishing promotions for the album, the girls of KARA were kept busy, filming more or less 10 CFs.

KARA did not have much to do with CF’s when they first debuted in 2007. They filmed their first commercial for ‘Lemona’ during their first year in the industry and with hits like <Pretty Girl> and <Honey>, they managed to be in the CF’s for Ottugi and Lesmore – which makes a total of 3 commercials for KARA. However, they recently managed to impress their credentials with filming commercials for chicken and pizza, bakery, grocery products, casual wear, online games and franchise restaurants, proving a wide variety of products they can advertise. Filming CF’s almost everyday, indeed October was the busiest KARA has been this year.

Their second album <Revolution> contained hits like <Wanna> and <Mister>. Between the two, it is undoubtedly the ‘Butt Dance’ of <Mister> that raised the popularity of the group to new heights, making them a prime candidate for commercials.

DSP Media states “After the popularity of the ‘Butt Dance’, the love calls for commercials became relentless. We are very happy that with each new release of albums, the girls’ popularity steadily rises as well. We are thankful for all the love they are able to receive.”

If CF’s are the fastest way to determine if a celebrity has indeed become a star, then it is undeniable that KARA is one of the hottest girl groups around. With the release of various CF’s, they are transitioning from the image of ‘Economic Idol’s’ to ‘National Younger Sisters’.

Beside the numerous commercials, the members are busy with their individual activities. Nicole has her ‘Mnet Reality Show: Nicole goes to College’, Hara is part of G7 of KBS2’s ‘Inivincible Youth’, Gyuri, Seungyeon and Jiyoung are regulars for programs like KBS2’s ‘Star Golden Bell’ and SBS ‘Quiz! Sixth Sense’ and different radio programs.

KARA had earlier announced their plans to comeback this November, however, due to the delay in the preparation for songs, they are postponing the album release, with no exact date confirmed as of yet.

thanks to mae@KARAholic