During a filming of MBC’s Hero, Lee Junki has expressed his interests in Kara.

He got to meet the girls through the filming of his drama, Hero, where the girls made a cameo appearance.

Reportedly, Kara had greeted Lee Junki at the set with, “Hello Oppa.” To this, he reported that he kept repeating, “Thank you,” again and again, due to his happiness.

Apparently, Lee Junki did not know of their age prior to their meeting on set, and had asked the girls, “I’m 27 years old, how old are you girls?”

With the replies that he got, he reported that the answer, “16 years old (Jiyoung’s age),” really hit him hard about his own age. He then responded back to the girls by stating, “Aren’t I an ahjuhshee, rather than an oppa?”

Aw, it’s okay Lee Junki, Kara likes misters too! Har har har.


Credit : AK

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