Kara will receive the Wonder Girls’s baton and open up their own bakery.
Kara will open up their ‘Kara Bakery’ on cable channel MNet’s ‘2009 Mnet bakery season 2 program’. On the first season of Mnet’s bakery program, the hottest girl group during 2008, the Wonder Girls were cast. At the time, the theme of ‘Wonder Girls bakery’ was to show young people whose dreams were to become pastry chefs.
Kara is planning to go in a slightly different direction than the Wonder Girls. The theme of their show will be of Kara trying to become bakery Entrepreneurs, and the 5 members will become CEO’s and open up their bakery. From preparing their store to actually operating it, they plan to fit it all into 8 episodes. (DAMN)


Kara has said, “We will show the meaning of ‘economic idols’, which has now become our nickname.”
The first episode will broadcast on the 25th.

source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype2.htm?u…20/9bt77125.htm
translated by thebuddybud @ karaholic

Credit : KH