On the latest episode of Star Golden Bell, MC Ji Suk Jin asked Kara’s Goo Hara what words had motivated her during her debut.

Goo Hara said “When Jiyoung and I joined Kara as new members, I heard someone say ‘Those two are going to make it? There are so many others that are better, but those two are going to make it?’. I wanted to cry but managed to keep it in.”

She continued “I wanted to become successful and then find this person to say to them ‘Look at how big I have become’.”

The other MCs pressed her to reveal the identity of this person. Goo Hara only responded “It was a senior singer, and that’s what made it even more painful.”

I’m sure we are all more than happy that Hara is the one who made it!

Credit : AK


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