(From the sweet girlgroup Kara, Han Seung Yeon gave Wang Biho a taste of his own medicine)

During an interview with Yoon Hyungbin on the 21st broadcast of KBS’ ‘Entertainment Relay”, Han Seung Yeon’s sorrowed heart was relieved with one stinging phrase.

On the last “Gag Concert” broadcast Kara was faced with a snappy comment as Wang Biho retorted “These days Kara have become increasingly popular. But was it just the butt dance that became popular?”

Consequently Han Seungyeon threw away any hint of grief with her comment “I was a little hurt. However was it Wang Biho who became popular because of his tight pants?” leaving Yoon Hyunbin embarrassed.

While in the midst of the cold winter weather, watch Kara’s dedicated recording of “Entertainment Relay”.

Nate (Kara-t)
Translated by Joel @ Karaholic.com

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Credit : Karaholic.com