The dream team girl group, 4Tomorrow (4Minute’s HyunA, After School’s UEE, KARA’s Seungyeon, and BEG’s Ga-In) for Samsung has been getting hot attention. Since the first CF/MV of their Guerilla Concert on October 12th, they have gotten over 1,600,000 views on sites like Youtube, Naver, Daum, etc.


With over 5 music drama’s for this campaign, it is finally coming to an end with the last mini drama about the group’s creation. It will be released through the official website on November 24th.

This final music drama will be the “Jam Concert Episode” and will be about the 4 members meeting at Lee Dong Gun’s cafe, and deciding to make the group and the song Tomorrow.

Even with all the individual attention the girls were getting, fans were disappointed because the dramas did not explain how they first met and came together. Much like the movie Batman Begins, this last music drama will explain everything, which is what fans are desperately waiting for.

The filming for this final episode took a long time and went on late into the night. The girls were very tired, but they took good care of each other, giving blankets to one another in the cold night. After the filming was over, they stated “Since we are so close now, it’s hard to separate with each other. This project had a huge impact and it made us think about what we are going to do in the future.”

The final chapter of this music drama will be out tomorrow, so keep your eyes fixed on allkpop!

I’ve went through episode 2, and took several snapshots to give everyone an insight into it smile.gif Enjoy

Credit : Karaholic