SNSD’s Jessica and Eun Ji Won humiliated on Strong Heart

SNSD Jessica

On the hilarious November 24th episode of SBS Strong Heart, Super Junior members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong guest starred and carried on the legacy of the “Boom Academy,” by bringing with them past photos of Eun Ji Won and SNSD’s Jessica.

Jessica was in absolute shock and embarrassment when her fellow SM Family members betrayed her by revealing a hilarious photo of her.

The next target was Eun Ji Won, former member of idol boy band Sechskies. The Super Junior members presented a photo of Eun Ji Won taken in a bathing suit from his Sechskies days, making Eun Ji Won crumple the photo immediately.

Eun Ji Won

Han Young was also a victim on this day.

Han Young

I got to hand it to the Super Junior members for continuing on the tradition of the “Boom Academy.” This episode was absolutely hilarious!


Ah lol …..


Source : Allkpop