During an interview with Newsen, Rainbow‘s Jung Yoon Hye talked about various things, among them being her initial dreams, her initial reaction to the rest of the Rainbow girls, and the preparations she had to undergo in order to debut as a part of Rainbow.

Yoon Hye said:

“My parents are classical musicians, so I was initially going down that path as well. However, I had a lot of interest in pop music and broadcasts. And after going to watch a few concerts, I decided that I wanted to try [being an idol singer] for myself. My parents were against this and said things like, ‘Don’t you want to go to a good college and be known as the 2nd Kim Tae Hee?’ and other things like that to try and dissuade me. They also said, ‘You know, idols nowadays have been training since they were pretty young so it’ll be hard for you.’ But I finally managed to persuade them to let me go to an audition.”

Jung Yoon Hye had overcome one obstacle, but another stood in her way – her weight. “The fact that I was fat hit me like a ton of bricks. I worked to lose weight, went through some other things, and auditioned again… And this time, I made it!” She admitted that she lost 20kg (around 44 pounds) in order for her to fulfill her dream of being a singer OMG WUT, and when she was asked about her weight loss tactics, she said, “Honestly, I don’t have any weight loss secrets. I just exercised and ate accordingly.”

When asked about her first meeting with the rest of the girls, Yoon Hye said, “They all seemed mysterious since they didn’t talk much, so I wasn’t very comfortable around them when we all first met. It was probably due to the fact that I was sensitive since I was still in my weight-losing stage at the time. But after I got to know them, it turned out that the girls were actually a really nice and funny bunch.”

Well, it seems like shedding those 20 kilos really paid off, since she’s achieved her dream and is busy promoting Gossip Girl.

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Credit: AK