SNSD's Jessica tossed around by her members?

We all know and love SNSD / Girls’ Generation and all its members but is there more to them than meets the eye? SNSD’s blondie Jessica looks like a lively peppy energetic sexy girl on stage but it seems she just might be quite the opposite in the bedroom… and no pervs, I’m not talking about that.

Jessica revealed on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” that when she sleeps she practically hibernates saying, “My fellow members have once grabbed and thrown me before. I was so deep in sleep that nothing would wake me up and so they resorted to throwing me.” She also added, “Even that isn’t enough to wake me up. If I sleep, 12 hours is the norm and I’ve slept beyond that too.

Not only is she quite the sleepyhead but she also revealed that she frequently worries the group too. “They once filed a missing report because of me. I was just at the salon getting my hair done and preparing my schedule but my manager and the other members looked for me for 2 hours.

But it’s not too surprising is it? After all, who wouldn’t freak out if a girl like her disappeared, even for a minute?

The episode will also feature singer PSY and is scheduled to air on December 3rd

Credit : AK