TVXQ and Big Bang

It has been announced that both TVXQ and Big Bang have been nominated for awards at the upcoming ‘51st Japan Record Awards‘.

TVXQ has been nominated for the ‘Excellence‘ award (Daesang equivalent) and Big Bang has been nominated for the ‘Rookie‘ award. Both groups have also been nominated for the ‘Best Work‘ award.

Big Bang has been receiving much love in Japan for their song ‘Rain is Fallin‘ with W-INDS, hence they have been nominated to receive the ‘Best Work’ award as. TVXQ has been nominated for both the ‘Best Work’ and ‘Excellence’ awards for their Japanese single, ‘Stand By U.’ This single has sold over 200,000 copies and has been acknowledged as a ‘Gold Record‘ according to the Japanese Records Company.

The ’51st Japan Record Awards’ will be held on December 30th.

In related news, on November 26th, both TVXQ and Big Bang were nominated to receive the ‘Gold Artist‘ award at the ‘2009 Best Hit Music‘ ceremony.

The two groups are also set to perform at the ‘FNS Music Show’, along with other Japanese artists.

Congratulations to these two groups for hitting it big in not only Korea, but also in Japan!

Credit : AK