2NE1 is accusing Lionel Richie of plagiarism? Apparently so, according to this article by the Norwich Bulletin. In the article, there’s a snippet regarding this matter:

“Richie’s latest album features collaborations with Akon as well as songs written and produced by Ne-Yo and The Dream. The album was described by cduniverse.com as “pop/R&B perfection” and album buyers must have thought the same. The CD got off to a great start on the charts internationally, breaking the Top 10 of the U.S. R&B Album chart and peaking at No. 1 on the UK R&B chart.

Still, it was not without its controversy. A south-Korean girl group called 2NE1 claimed Richie’s title track “Just Go” was a bit too similar to their earlier release “I Don’t Care.” Though Richie hasn’t discussed the claim, Universal Music Group is investigating.

However, it seems the author got it wrong, because Lionel Richie’s song was released before I Don’t Care. Just Go was released in the Spring of 2009, while I Don’t Care was released in the Summer of 2009. In addition, Teddy (1TYM leader and producer of most of 2NE1, G-Dragon, and Taeyang’s music) previously acknowledged that his songs were the ones that were being accused of plagiarism and has firmly denied them.

2NE1’s fellow YG Entertainment members Big Bang releases their albums under Universal Music in Japan, so YG Entertainment already has some sort of relationship with Universal Music. Since there hasn’t been much news pertaining to this, it’s most likely a non-issue.

I’ve listened to both of the tracks, and in my opinion I don’t really hear that much of a similarity where you can accuse one of plagiarism. Thanks to m for the tip, compare the two tracks below and compare them yourself. Also remember to check out the YG Ladies Forum.


Credit : AK