Aside from the Baskin Robbins CF and WITH Campaign that 2NE1 has been promoting, it has been rather difficult to see all the members together. Fortunately for Blackjacks, the female four will be making a special appearance in the upcoming movie “Girlfriends,” a romantic comedy about three women (played by Kang Hye Jung, Han Chae Young, and Heo I Jae) who fall in love with the same man (played by Bae Soo Bin), but grow closer with each other in the process.

2NE1 willingly agreed to play the cameo role in “Girlfriends” to show support for their fellow YG family members, Kang Hye Jung and Heo I Jae. Clad in their Fire outfits and hairstyle, 2NE1 appears in the movie as guests for an extravagant party that Jin (played by Han Chae Yeong) plans.

The studio was filled with excitement as actors and actresses alike looked forward to meeting the popular female idol group, even asking them for their autographs.

2NE1 expressed, “Although we are already close with one another, we will pretend to be even closer on screen. We usually go overboard with our acting.”

They truthfully admitted their worry in a cute manner, stating, “We will probably appear the most awkward.”

Although 2NE1 makes a very brief appearance in the movie, they all agreed, “Just the enjoyable memory of being able to film for a fun movie is enough for us.”


2NE1 continues to be in hot demand, gaining popularity not only through music, but dramas and films as well. Besides, you know you’re pretty badass when you’re in a room surrounded by A-list celebrities, sipping on a glass of fresh squeezed OJ.

Keep your eyes open for “Girlfriends,” which will be released on December 17th.

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Credit : AK