Kara Seungyeon

Kara’s Han Seungyeon is most definitely not your average girl.

On the second episode of Mnet Kara Bakery which aired today, Han Seungyeon caught a mouse, something most girls are very afraid of, including me.

As soon as I saw that thing, I would’ve ran the hell out of there. Yet Seungyeon stayed next to it and called it “baby,” then she picked it up by its tail!

As the other members ran away Seungyeon said, “What are you guys doing? It’s so pretty and cute!” The other members were pretty much shocked and said things like, “Is she really a girl?”

It’s no wonder people call her Hamtori, she’s definitely related to the rodent family somehow. And that’s what netizens are joking about right now, saying, “She thinks it’s cute because she’s a hamster (nickname: Hamtori),” and “A mouse caught a mouse!”

Although I would never touch a mouse, the way Seungyeon acted was kind of cute and definitely hilarious! Seungyeon is showing a new side of her through Kara Bakery and I can’t help but fall in love with it.

Check out the mouse-trapper:

Check it :

note : Hahaha,.. LOL, What are u doing Unni,…. ^^

Credit : AK