First baked goods and now pizza? KARA‘s been pretty busy in the kitchen lately!

The five-member girl group has been selected as models for pizza franchise Pizza Etang. The recent shooting for the advertisement, which took place in Incheon, captured KARA’s attempt at a uniquely “expressionless” dance scene. Since KARA is a group of playful gals, the filming was full of NG’s; although the girls put in the effort to be devoid of expression, the production couldn’t hold back their laughter.

A representative of Pizza Etang expressed that KARA had been selected as the company’s advertising model because of the girls’ popularity and image. All of the members have a strong personality, and appeal to a younger consumer audience.

Stay tuned to allkpop as we await the first CF, set to air on December 5!

Check this Video :

Credit : AK