SHINee heads to Thailand with Taemin

Last week, SHINee performed in the Philippines minus Taemin as he was recovering from swine flu. Well, Taemin has finally recovered and joined his mates earlier today as they traveled to Thailand.

SHINee is going to Thailand to perform at the Central Let’s Celebrate 2010 K-pop Showcase in Bangkok, Thailand. SHINee is scheduled to perform along with T-Max. Before they left for Thailand, they recorded for SBS KJE’s Chocolate, which should air in a few weeks from now. Although fully recovered, Taemin didn’t join the rest of SHINee for the recording.

SHINee is doing a lot of traveling lately, and Minho is scheduled to go to Canada tomorrow. Thanks to Abb Da for the tip. For more on SHINee check out SFI Forums. Check out some of the fancams from KJE and airport stalkers below:


cr: xatlantis

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SHINee Hello Bangkok (Central Let’s Celebrate 2010) promo video:

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Fancam of SHINee leaving for Thailand at Bangkok airport:

Credit : AK