SS501 and Hong Kong girls are just friendsImage

Back in August, SS501 took some time off from their Japanese concert promotions by vacationing in Hong Kong. Two of the members of SS501, Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng were spotted getting into a cab with 2 random Hong Kong girls.

The media circulated rumors that the boys went to Hong Kong for “extracurricular activities,” that they secretly flew into Hong Kong for a secret get-away vacation with females. While DSP Entertainment denied the claims and stated, “It’s just tabloid / paparazzi work. SS501 was tired from the Budokan concerts in Japan and they went to Hong Kong to unwind with 8 friends that they knew as kids. It’s just the Hong Kong media twisting the story around from the photos showing the two females getting into a cab with Hyun Joong and Young Saeng.”

Well earlier today, the SS501 members were guests on MBC’s Golden Fishery and addressed the issue by stating that the women “were just friends who happen to live in Hong Kong.”

So this begs the question, was it friends with benefits or just friends? Also they should’ve known better since Lan Kwai Fong is one of the trendiest spots in Hong Kong littered with paparazzi. Hopefully they learned their lesson. Remember to visit the Quainte 501 Forums.

Credit : AK