We had previously reported that CreBeau, the cosmetics company known for their involvement in the TVXQ controversy, got sued in China by a company that used to distribute their products in the Shanghai region.
Now, CreBeau’s Da Lia region distributor decided to do the same.

According to the plaintiff, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu of TVXQ urged the plaintiff to distribute their cosmetics products claiming that they are shareholders of CreBeau and will personally take part in product promotion in the Da Lia region.  The members did not show up for promotion and distributors from other regions informed the plaintiff that the CreBeau office has disappeared, forcing the plaintiff to sue CreBeau for fraud in order to compensate damage that they suffered. The plaintiff’s claim is very similar to that of the Shanghai region distributor’s, who also claimed that they suffered damage because TVXQ members falsely promised to show up for promotions and CreBeau’s office disappeared.

Did the three members really commit fraud with false promises of showing up for promotions? Stay tuned to allkpop as the case develops.


Credit : Newsen