The boys of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki were together as 5 and participated at the prestigious FNS Music Festival on Fuji TV in Japan. Only the top recording artists are invited to the Music Festival and it’s usually the most watched (top ratings) program annually.

The boys performed Rainy Blue along with Hideaki Tokunaga and also their hit single Stand By You. They also had a brief interview section where they stated that they were nervous because this was their first time on the show. They also interacted with SMAP stating that Kusangi is supposedly good friends with Jaejoong. Kusangi stated they became friends after TVXQ appeared on the SMAPxSMAP show. Jaejoong stated he hasn’t been in contact with Kusangi for a while because Kusangi changed his cell phone number. Kusangi stated that he’ll give him his new number after the show.

It’s good seeing them together. Check out the performances below and remember to visit the ONETVXQ Forums.


cr: naitome87

Credit : AK