2PM's Taecyeon shows off his abs to Ha Ji Won

“This performance was for noona,” were the words uttered by 2PM’s Taecyeon according to sports chosun.

On December 2nd, 2PM performed their hit single Heartbeat at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and at the end of the performance, Taecyeon ripped off his clothes and showed off his body.

Taecyeon is well known to be a big fan of the actress Ha Ji Won and although many actresses seemed to like his special show, Taecyeon revealed that the skin revelation was specifically for Ha Ji Won eyes.

Before Taecyeon went on stage, he planned it all out with Brown Eyed Girl Ga-In. Ga-In suggested to Taecyeon, “Show off your heartbeat by revealing your abs to her.” Ga-In, who is friends with Ha Ji Won, called her and told her what Taecyeon was planning before the award show. Originally, Taecyeon planned to leave the stage and go directly up in front of Ha Ji Won and rip off his clothes but those plans were scrapped at the last second and he decided to just do it on stage.

In the past, Ha Ji Won stated that she was a fan of both 2PM and 2NE1, so maybe Taecyeon has a chance with her. Hopefully this revelation won’t cause an increase in creepy letters. Remember to visit the 2ONEDAY Forums.

2PM's Taecyeon shows off his abs to Ha Ji Won

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