After School Jooyeon

Having made their comeback with Because of You, 7-member After School is actively busy with promotional activities on music programs and variety shows. The girls recently appeared on KBS ‘Star Golden Bell’ as the special guests.

During this episode, MC Ji Seok Jin asked, “Because After School has a lot of members, do you girls ever fight over attention on stage?” To this, Park Gahee replied, “The members are greedy to be at the center. After singing their respective parts, they have to return to their places, but they keep wanting to stay at the center.”

Jooyeon added, “There were 5 members for Ah, 6 for Diva, and now 7 for our new track Because of You. Every time we add a new member, I feel like my existence in the group shrinks.”

Although the space left behind by ex-member So Young is still difficult to accept for some, others have whole-heartedly embraced the two newcomers – Raina and Nana – for their impressive skills in singing and dancing.

While Jooyeon’s comment was made with humor, she does make a good point about the growing trend of the group. This begs the question: How many members of After School do you believe was the most appropriate?

The episode of ‘Star Golden Bell’ featuring After School will be released on the 5th. In the meantime, stay tuned to allkpop for the sexy seven’s performance on Music Bank tonight!