Ninja Assassin

Paris Hilton had recently stated that she loved Ninja Assasin on her Twitter, but it seems like she’s not the only American celebrity enjoying the movie, as Chris Brown and Omarion thought it was great as well.

Chris Brown's Twitter page

Chris Brown
had posted, “just saw ninja assasin …..LOVED IT….” on his twitter (username MechanicalDummy).

Omarion had posted on his twitter saying, “Just finished watching ‘Ninja Assasin’ my bro Rain showed out!! I remember him say’n i’m going 2 learn english just for you sound good gee!” Omarion had previously worked with both JYP and Rain and have come to be good friends. Check out a song that they released some time ago.

cr. hotkisses2002

Ninja Assassin has also gone up in the box office charts, where it stands at #4 at the moment.

The movie is faring well with big competitors like The Twilight Saga: New Moon and 2012, and its popularity is still rising.

Credit : AK