She doesn’t sound like a perfect student, does she?

Nicole of Kara has been attending college and enjoying her new student life. She’s been having a hard time since she has faced many acceptances and rejections and because she doesn’t understand the lessons taught because of her poor grasp of Korean. On today’s episode of Mnet Nicole the Entertainer’s Introduction to Veterinary Science, she decided to build more of a social life in school, but it didn’t bring out the best in her.

She decided to join a club and after agonizing over which one to join, she finally picked the badminton club. During the first night after she joined, they all decide to go out and and have some fun. She went to a restaurant where all of them drank alcohol and though it doesn’t show her drinking anything, it almost implies it. Also, netizens are upset because she is still underage and thus didn’t think it was appropriate. Later, she cuts class to go to an amusement park with two boys. Eun Jung of Jewelry told Nicole that cutting class is something you have to experience in college. That might be the fun part of college, but who says it on national television?

Nicole had a very long histology class and during break, she ran out and cut class. Though I don’t blame her for cutting one class because it really isn’t a big deal, I don’t understand why anyone would ever cut class after the teacher saw that you were already in class.

Another thing netizens were upset to see was that when she was running late, she didn’t even rush. She just said, “I’m already late so whatever.”

Netizens have said, “After I saw the episode, I was disappointed. Nicole’s image is getting worse and it’s kind of sad,” “How can they air her skipping class and not paying attention in class?” and “Nicole needs to set a goal in her college life and really follow it.”

I think the netizens are being pretty harsh because most of thems are probably college students themselves and they most likely do the same thing each week.

Credit : AK