Rainbow Gossip Girl

Rookie girl group Rainbow who recently debuted with their title track Gossip Girl has been receiving lots of love calls for CFs. And it’s not surprising because these girls have got the looks to move products off the shelves!

It’s been reported that they have already received many CF offers from chicken, makeup and clothing companies.

In addition, just as fellow DSP family girl group Kara’s Goo Hara has gained a lot of attention because she resembles famous Japanese singer Amuro Namie, Rainbow’s leader Kim Jae Kyung has been in the limelight as fans have pointed out that she looks a lot like famous Japanese singer/actress Ayase Haruka.

Seems like Rainbow is moving on up and 2010 seems to be very promising for this hot new girl group. Expect to see lots of Rainbow on stage and in CFs in the near future!

Credit : AK