Kim Tae Hee with 2PM

A couple of weeks ago, 2PM and Kim Tae Hee‘s CF for Paris Baguette was released. Well here is another treat from the boys, as the track for the CF “My Love”, is now out!

cr. Raika23

You can download the song for free on the official Paris Baguette site (only in Korean).

With the release of this catchy tune, 2PM will also hold an event on December 7th at Myung Dong. Fans will have an opportunity to take a Christmas polaroid photo with the members themselves!

Each year in Korea, many bakeries hold big events in the winter. Some even give out free bear hats, which are only available when these events are going on, or until it is out of stock. So if any of you are close to a bakery store in Korea, grab one now before its too late!

Credit : AK