Wonder Girls are Barbies!

The five members of Wonder Girls transformed into five adorable barbie dolls! The Wonder Girls were guests earlier today on an episode of MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment News’, posing in barbie-like outfits and hairstyles.

Studying each member, Sohee said, “I think the look suits Yubin the best.” On the other hand, all five members agreed that, “We all look ridiculous.”

In an interview with ‘Section TV’, the girls said that during their American debut, “We endured with canned tuna and ramen.” They also added, “Every week after getting into the Billboard chart, the number of those who recognized us grew.”

Also, who said all girl groups were rivals? Sohee revealed that her favorite girl groups are 2NE1and f(x)! Remember to visit the WG Spectacle Forums.

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Barbie Wonder Girls

Barbie Wonder Girls

OMG!! So Hee, baby face, Cute!!! -.-

Credit :AK