2NE1 Sandara Park is a staff helper at GDragon’s upcoming concert?

She posted a photo of herself at the rehearsal of GDragon’s ‘Shine A Light’ concert and wrote on her me2day on the evening of 4th December saying, “EuSha eusha!!! Anything you need? I will help in whatever!^.^ I’m staff Dara working hard at GD concert set!ㅋHELP! Wears jacket… ㅋㅋㅋ”

And there is a sequel to this, where she posted another photo later that day on her me2day, go under the cut to find out!

“Just now that working staff Dara at GD con(cert)…. now that I recognised her out, she is a singer!ㅋㅋOh~~~Artiste Dara who is striking a pose in the waiting roomㅋEuKyakKyakKyak!!! Funny rightㅋㅋEveryone sleep well and good night!^.^”

“I’m CL roo. Over.”

Credit: Kbites