Yuri's fans wish her a happy birthday in support of the YMCA

Fans of Girls’ Generation/SNSD member Yuri wished her a happy 20th birthday on December 5th by taking out an ad in the newspaper.

The ad reads “Happy birthday Yuri, SNSD’s black pearl! Her bright smile lights up our hearts!” The advertisement was a collaboration between fan sites Elegance, Kwon Yuri No. 125, soshified, Hwa Soo Eun Hwa and SNSD China.

The ad also includes a message that the fan sites will be showing their love for Yuri by supporting Seoul’s YMCA Youth Shelter that is currently experiencing the suspension of workers and lack of general overall support. The shelters help youths that have suffered abuse or have run away from home. This past June fans also donated to a youth shelter that was in danger of closing in celebration of member Seohyun‘s birthday.

A fan said “These shelters help out young girls in trouble, who without aid, could turn to a life of crime. I hope that the fans can continue to support these shelters.” The fan sites managed to collect thousands of dollars in donations. These sites work together to put out an ad for every member’s birthday.

Good to see fans supporting an important cause for this sexy Sagittarius’ birthday!

Interesting note: Yuri shares the same birthday as legendary animator Walt Disney.

Credit :AK