Kara Gekidan Hitori

Although they have not officially debuted in Japan, Kara was scheduled to make an appearance on a popular Japanese talk show, ARASHI’s Homework (ARASHI’s 숙제군).

And as promised Kara was able to guest, although it was just a video message on this talk show due to a certain Karaholic, by the name of Gekidan Hitori.

Kara was on the show as surprise guests for Gekidan Hitori and it was evident that when Kara first introduced themselves to him, he was overwhelmed with emotions like a fanboy. During the show, this fanboy did the honors of introducing the girls and even mentioned facts regarding Park Gyuri’s mother and Nicole’s college challenge. To this the Arashi members asked him how he knew all of this information because there is not a lot of info on Kara in Japan. Gekidan Hitori stated that he searched for them on the internet, but it was all in Korean, so he even had to purchase a translator for his computer. Finally, he also revealed that he put down a ton of money to win an auction for Kara items!

Kara stated, “We are happy that we were able to introduce ourselves to him first. We heard that he likes us and cheers for us. We are very thankful. If Kara ever goes to Japan, we will meet up with him for sure.”

To this, Gekidan Hitori responded, “I have never been so happy while filming a show. Now, if I die, I won’t have any regrets.

lol ,. KARA very popular now… next?