Big Bang's Taeyang, Seungri, and Daesung Cyon Crystal CF's

The boys of Big Bang and Shin Se Kyung recently got together to endorse Korea’s LG Cyon’s new Crystal Phone. A few days have passed and two versions of the CF have been released, a Daesung version and a Seungri / Taeyang combo version.

Daesung tries to get digits of a girl on his phone but she isn’t impressed:

Seungri asks Taeyang if he’s found a girl, he denies it at first but then Taeyang says, “how did you know?” Seungri says my eye can see everything. And then he looks down around Taeyang’s crotch area and says I see some pink panties:

cr: SHINeeWorldKey

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Group CF Intro

cr. lee9301


cr. tajizero2

Credit: AK