As you may know, Mnet‘s reality show Kara Bakery aired its first episode about a week ago. And as soon as an announcement went out that they were looking for part time workers in their bakery, they were flooded by thousands of phone calls from males. Well, Kara’s leader Park Gyuri is currently full of joy. Why? Because of a male worker who she picked from the interview/audition.

Gyuri has a reason to be enamored by her new employee – he reportedly has the looks and is tall. The filming staff was also surprised by his hard work, as he looked happy throughout the whole shoot in a cold day. But who wouldn’t want to be working alongside Kara?

Even the members of Kara seemed to agree as they commented:

Gyuri unnie is really interested in the male worker. At the last shoot, Gyuri unnie’s mother visited. Gyuri even introduced him to her mother, telling her that he was her ideal type.

Wow, aren’t you guys excited to see who caught Gyuri’s interest? Stay tuned to the broadcast on the 9th!

Kara's Bakery
Kara's Bakery
Kara's Bakery