Wonder Girls

It’s official – the Wonder Girls are making their big break into the States in February!

As we revealed earlier, JYP Entertainment has teamed up with widely acclaimed musician and producer Dave Stewart to help with the production of the girls’ debut album, and has already revealed a demo teaser of Always Without Me (a collaboration with Cindy Gomez), only one of three songs he produced for the pop quintet.

Dave Stewart, who has produced for mega stars from the American Gwen Stefani to the Russian t.A.T.u., has established himself worldwide with an impressive career that has spanned over three decades. On his Twitter account, Stewart revealed his support of the girls, expressing, “I think it’s a No.1 song for them [and] they will make it great” and “The song is epic for them I think it will break them into a whole new world.” The musician-producer-photographer (?!) also uploaded photos of his spontaneous photoshoot with the girls:

Wonder Girls

one snapshot I took of the Wonder Girls just arrived from their Concert in China

Wonder Girls

Hard Days Night with the Wonder Girls !

The Wonder Girls revealed that they were honored to be able to work with such a big-name producer; the fivesome has already started working vigorously, and aims to make this album their best one yet.

With someone like David Stewart plus the girls’ determination and talent, I’m sure this album is one to greatly anticipate as we enter the new year. Good luck to the Wonder Girls, and make sure to support them at WG Spectacle Forums!

Yay, I cant wait!!

Credit: AK