Wonder Girls

As previously mentioned, the Wonder Girls recently hosted a livechat for their fans on Stardoll.com. The event was a success with many fans asking all sorts of quirky questions.

However, none of that matters. What’s important here is how Stardoll.com is promoting the Wonder Girls. I present to you, the Wonder Girls dress up game! I know what you’re thinking, “So what? Okay, you can dress up the Wonder Girls, big deal!” Well, you’re missing the point. Whenever there is a dress up, there’s also going to be a dress down. And here you can dress the girls all the way down to their panties, even the underage members! Talk about a grave mistake on Stardoll.com’s part. I feel bad for the Wonder Girls, I’m not sure if they even know about this.

Wonder Girls

Granted it’s just an illustration, and they use a standard body for all the dolls, but nonetheless, AWESOME…. I mean wrong, very very wrong… but awesome!! Like when you make out with your really hot cousin during a family reunion, awesome… but so so wrong.

By the way, just a word of advice, don’t undress the underage members to their panties. Just take my words on it. I’m currently writing this article in jail while desperately fighting off the other inmates who are undressing me down to my panties. I knew today was a bad day to wear panties. I just had that feeling! That “Don’t wear panties today because you’ll be arrested and stripped naked in prison” kinda feeling you know? Oh come on, you know that feeling!