Big Bang TOP

Girls, no more need to sharpen your pitchforks for the girl who dared to steal the lips of your sex god. Why? Cause the girl is now dead.

On today’s episode (9th) of KBS 2TV‘s blockbuster-scale drama, IRIS, the breathtaking storyline of bloody killing and explosive nuclear bombs seemed to have calmed down a bit, for a wonderful happy ending filled with blooming love between the characters.

However, the main thrill is just about to start. During the last minutes of the episode, Yang Mi Jung (played by Jooni), the computer hacker, grants a favor for her lover Vick (played by TOP) by extracting what seems to be a secret file from the server of NSS. But instead of a nice juicy kiss to return the favor, Vick brutally twists Yang Mi Jung’s head and watches as she slowly collapses to the ground. What a great way to end a relationship…

Credit: AK