JYP Kim Jung Eun Chocolate

Park Jin Young has been stealing the spotlight from others in the month of December with his comeback. He recorded an episode of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate today and shared some information about his artistes. One of his artistes, 2PM, was also present at this Christmas special episode recording.

Kim Jung Eun asked what kind of a teacher he is to 2PM and Wonder Girls and he said:

“They treat me however they want. Wonder Girls hit me a lot. I had to talk to Taecyeon once so I called him over and then I forgot what I was gonna say. He just got up and said, ‘Tell me when you remember’ and left! They’re always like that. When I get serious, then they listen. But in reality, they are not very nice.”

Is it just me or does anyone else find this JYP bond a bit cute?

Park Jin Young also went on to rate his stars:

“Wonder Girls are about 8 points out of 10. Their flaws have improved. It’s been 3 years since they’ve debuted and their live stages, dancing, and singing has improved. They’re not as good as Rain or Kim Tae Woo but they’ve grown a lot. For 2PM and 2AM, 7 points. It hasn’t been long since they’ve debuted. They have so much more to accomplish. They don’t do as well on stage than they do during rehearsals.”

Credit: AK