Dissension within TVXQ? Canceled Big East fan meeting

By now, many people already know about the ongoing struggle of the trio of Jaejoong, Micky, and Xiah Junsu from TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki with SM Entertainment in Korea. Many fans, especially Big East (TVXQ’s Official Japanese Fan Club) were convinced that TVXQ would continue on as Tohoshinki in Japan with no issues, Avex pretty much said so. However, recently there’s been some signs of trouble in Japan.

Most notably, the most anticipated 4th Big East fan club meeting being canceled. The reason for the cancellation was because Tohoshinki stated that they wanted to be honest and couldn’t stand in front of their fans and put on fake smiles, fake happiness. They want to meet fans when they can truly smile once again. There’s been rumors flying around that this proves that their is dissension and problems within the group. Adding further fuel to the fire were the lack of communication and very awkward situation between Jaejoong / Micky / Xiah and Yunho / Changmin in their recent performances in Japan. It also doesn’t help matters when Changmin and Yunho previously stating that they’re in support of SM Entertainment.

Hopefully if this is true they can quickly patch things up. They have such a great thing going, and I wouldn’t want to see all the hard work they put in together to go to waste. Always keep the faith, now more than ever. Thanks to Missterious E, lauenancy for the tips and remember to visit the ONETVXQ Forums.