F.T. Island arrives in Singapore

Back in June, the boys of F.T. Island held a mini concert showcase in Singapore at the St James Powerstation. It was very successful, so they decided to come back to Singapore again. The boys arrived in Singapore earlier to much fanfare as they’re scheduled to perform at the Sundown Festival Seoul’d Out at Fort Canning Park on December 12th.

Check this video :

F.T. Island is also scheduled to return to Singapore in late January to hold two events on January 29th and 30th, 2010. The first event will be a fan signing on the 29th and the second, a fan meeting and handshake event on the 30th. Tickets are a bit expensive and said to be around $100 and $150 for the two events.

The boys will be plenty busy. They have two scheduled shows in Japan on December 23rd in Tokyo and December 26th in Fukuoaka (with Supernova and T-maxKorean Wave for New Generations). After that they’ll start off their Asia Concert Tour in January, they’ll go back to Tokyo on January 20th, and in February they’ll hold fours concerts in Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Taiwan. Talk about a lot of traveling! Thanks to 2ne1jjang for the tip.

Advertisement for December 26th show in Fukuoaka, Japan along with Supernova and T-max (Korean Wave for New Generations) :

Credit: AK