Along with G-Dragon, fellow YG Entertainment artists, 2NE1 were not seen at the awards show as well.

But why were they missing? The songs Fire and I Don’t Care did take the Korean music scene by storm. Surprisingly, they did not win any awards. The Rookie Girl Group Awards were instead awarded to 4minute and T-ara, which they did deserve, but still a bit shocking for Blackjacks.

To say the least, Blackjacks are extremely disappointed and angered that 2NE1 did not win any of the awards.

It seemed like the awards show was against YG artists, but that is not the case, as there were specific reasons why they did not win.

With that said, there are have been just way too many discrepancies between the MAMA’s who were YG biased and the GDA’s who were SM biased. For these yearly award shows to continue, music industry professionals will need to fix this broken process, otherwise they will lose all credibility.

What do you guys think? Is there a conspiracy or are these award shows just overrated?