Candy Mafia

It’s been a long time coming, but they’re here now, and they’re about to set the roof on fire. Earlier today we introduced the Chinese Girls’ Generation, and now we have a Thai 2NE1. Two copycats in one day? Now we’re talking!

Half way into the teaser I kinda expected them to sing “Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh. We’re 2NE2!” Get it? “We’re 2NE too!” However, the group is actually called Candy Mafia and this teaser is for their new song “Mafia“. Well, they probably are the mafia because stealing is a crime yo. Although I have to say, Candy Mafia is a really cute name. It’s almost as cute as Panty Mafia, almost.

I don’t think anyone can deny the fact that they’re copying 2NE1’s Fire (space version) music video. They even have four members just like 2NE1 does. Although I’m having a hard time figuring out who’s supposed to be CL and who’s supposed to be Minzy since Candy Mafia doesn’t have any obviously ugly members. Haha I’m only joking Blackjacks. There’s no need to curse me out, call me ugly, and spit on my face. That’s what my mom is for.

It seems that they don’t just like 2NE1, but are also quite fond of 4Minute as well. Here’s a video of them dancing to 4Minute’s Muzik.

I thought the dance was flawless, but then again I’m only judging it based on their ability to do the chest pop. Girls seem to always underestimate the power of a chest pop. You won’t believe the kind of things you can get away with just by popping out your chest. Pulled over for speeding? Pop out your chest. Want a promotion? Pop out your chest. No money for lunch? Pop out your chest. Can’t win an argument? Pop out your chest. Computer has a virus? Pop out your chest!

All in all, I personally don’t care about Candy Mafia copying 2NE1, as long as they pay royalties to the original. In fact, I think it’s actually a good thing because chances are we’re never going to see 2NE1 expanding into Thailand. Also, it’s not like I can fault the girls of Candy Mafia for the plagiarism either because they probably had no say in it. I mean just like most Kpop idols, they too just wanted to be stars. And pursuing your dreams is something I can definitely respect.

Credit: AK