T-ara and 2PM

Recently, there have been several instances where 2PM and T-ara have promoted each other on music programs, leading to the speculation that the support for both idol groups might be… intentional?

On Music Core on Saturday, T-ara performed their comeback song Bo Peep Bo Peep as usual.

However, during Hyomin‘s solo dance in the middle of the performance, she imitated Taecyeon‘s tidbit from 2PM’s Heartbeat choreography.

2PM’s Heartbeat @1:17.

At the same time, the verdict of the male voice responsible for singing along to the introduction of T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep and, thus, disturbing the sextet’s performance was identified earlier as Junsu, 2PM’s very own vocalist.

Need more evidence, you say?

On SBS Inkigayo, Wooyoung proposed a revolutionary change in 2PM’s image–from “beastly idols” to “cute idols.” He then proceeded to mirror T-ara’s dance from Bo Peep Bo Peep sporting the giant paw on his hand.

Although Taecyeon yelled at Wooyoung to maintain his role as a MC, he eventually joined in on the fun by wagging his tail while singing T-ara’s addictive song.

Their adorable antics may have been part of the script that MCs must follow to introduce artists. However, Taecyeon appeared on stage at the end of the show to announce the winner of Take 7 with one of T-ara’s many props in his hand again.

He even performed the encore stage with the giant paw and attempted T-ara’s choreography once more with his cute beastly charisma.

cr: TheYayoiza

cr: mariacherrieylp4rt2

Are you convinced yet?

In my humble opinion, I wouldn’t mind seeing 2PM and T-ara covering each other’s song, especially since they have expressed their familiarity with it already. Furthermore, both groups currently have 6 members so the parts can be divided up easily. I approve of the potential T-PM collaboration!

Aside from 2PM’s Heartbeat dance, Hyomin has incorporated the choreography of other idol groups into T-ara’s performances as well–among which are U-KissMan Man Ha Ni and SHINee‘s Ring Ding Dong. Check them out below.

U-Kiss’ Man Man Ha Ni @ 1:19.

SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong @1:19.

cr: AMFandre

In the case of 2PM and T-ara, viewers can always anticipate something slightly different with the changes in choreography that they add into their routine performances. For 2PM, it’s their “death” finales; for T-ara, it’s Hyomin’s solo dances. With that said, I can’t wait to see what both idol groups have to offer next.

Credit: AK