SNSD Copycats

A Chinese group very, maybe too similar to Korea’s proud Girls’ Generation is making headlines!

This Chinese group is called Idol Girls, and they are consisted of 9 girls. Okay, so the number of members can easily be the same, right? But that’s not it. According to a Chinese site, the Idol Girls are an average of 18 years old, and are supposedly talented not only as singers, but as actresses, models, MCs and more.

Meanwhile, cover groups other than the Idol Girls are making even the Girls’ Generation fans do a double take because of the amazing similarity.

So how similar is too similar? Look for yourself. They are seen here posing in similar clothes to SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish” days!

SNSD copycats

Remember last August when a Chinese singer was called out for copying Girls’ Generation’s choreography? They were so similar that netizens started calling the dance not even a copy, but a parody. Chinese netizens had commented, “If the Koreans saw, they would burst out laughing. I’m embarrassed.”

SNSD copycats

Girls’ Generation and the Korean netizens may feel bad, but don’t forget!
Immitation is the sincerest flattery

Credit: AK