Taeyang from Big Bang and CL and Minzy of 2NE1 appeared on SBS Inkigayo to rep their YG family on stage.

Although the trio was incomplete without the remaining respective members from their respective group, they still delivered an entertaining show nonetheless.

Taeyang continued his promotions for his comeback song Wedding Dress, looking spiffy as usual. With smooth vocals and impeccable dancing always up to par, Taeyang comprises the definition of a true performer. What is rarer than a dull performance by Taeyang is seeing him in a tux. I presume the reason why he only wears vests is because tuxedos cannot contain the awesomeness that is Taeyang’s extremely ripped guns. It’s just a thought…

Bonus: Check out the MCs dancing at 3:06!

CL and Minzy’s contagious energy and eye-catching charisma is undeniable. With all the talent in singing and dancing that the fierce duo from 2NE1 possess, sometimes it’s easy to forget that they are still rookies and very young in age. You can always count on these two to “bring it” every time.