Kara has taken their place as the best girl group for online games while turning into online game icons. They have appeared on the restaurant simulation game ‘YoriJori’ and followed by the basketball game ‘Freestyle’ and the running game ‘Tales Runner’, and have since been gathering attention.

What separates Kara from other celebrities modelling for games, is that they have become characters withing the game to meet gamers. NHN’s ‘YoriJori’ allows gamers to employ them as part-timers, and JC entertainment’s ‘Freestyle’ allows gamers to select them as basketball players. It is also planned to have Kara characters as runners in ‘Tales Runner’.

The company the runs the online games has also significantly benefitted ever since ‘Kara’ has appeared on their games. They are so popular that in ‘YoriJori’, more than 1 million gamers have hired ‘Kara’ as part-timers. Nicole character has especially been selected by more than 500,000 gamers and has been given the nickname, the calculating genius. And ever since Kara has been added to ‘Freestyle’, the amount of visitors to the ‘Freestyle’ homepage has increased by 3 times. The ‘Kara effect’ can be clearly seen.

While preparing the Kara character update for ‘Tales Runner’, Nowcom is anticipating love from gamers towards Kara characters, who are given higher attributes than ordinary characters. Nowcom is also planning to add Kara’s patented ‘Butt dance’ item in order to maximize the ‘Kara effect’.

A rep has said “Because of Kara’s bright and lively image, they really fit the casual game image” and “Especially female gamers who enjoys casual games has approved of Kara highly, so it seems that Kara is the number 1 choice as models for casual games”.

trans by thebuddybud @ karaholic

Credit: Karaholic